Bingo Wings

Shaping Your Arms

Arms are a body part many people struggle with and are extremely self-conscious of due to their areas of stubborn fat. Nobody ever wants to have excess arm fat resulting in bingo wings. With 3D Ultimate’s bingo wings treatment, you no longer have to be embarrassed by your arms. Our therapists will tailor the treatment to your specific needs, allowing you to create the perfect combination of fat removal and skin tightening technologies for your arms. Gone are the days of covering up your arms and worrying about what you wear, it’s time to get that strappy top out and embrace your arms with the 3D Ultimate bingo wings treatment.

What does it do?

The bingo wings treatment from 3D Ultimate targets stubborn arm fat to reduce the appearance of bingo wings. This non-invasive treatment’s technique uses a combination of electro and duo cryotherapy in addition to 3D RF skin tightening to effectively reduce fat, and tighten the skin to reduce the appearance of bingo wings. This treatment will give long-lasting results, helping you eliminate any sign of bingo wings and requires no recovery time. You can get the arms you’ve always dreamed of and achieve the celebrity look, without the invasive treatment or downtime.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A course of 8 3D bingo wings treatments is recommended in order to achieve maximum results.

    Each application of 3D bingo wings treatment will take up to 60 minutes.

    Your 3D bingo wing treatment, will give you a visible reduction of fat in the arm's targeted zones. An average fat loss results of 20% - 40% is expected. Results will become visible between 8 – 12 weeks after the treatment. In the time leading up to this, you body will be naturally disposing of any dead fat cells from your arms.

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