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At 3D Ultimate, we’re committed to helping everyone be the best they can be. Everyone is different, that’s why we offer bespoke personalised treatments that meet the needs of the individual. We offer a wide range of bespoke treatments, all of which can be used individually to target specific areas, or used alongside one another to create a bespoke, adaptable and multifaceted treatment for you.

It is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the everyday strains of our busy lives. Bespoke treatments give you the chance to relax, wind down and have some me-time. Whatever result you want from your 3D treatment, at 3D Ultimate we can give you a relaxing and indulgent experience that will help you unwind. Treating yourself to a bespoke treatment is the perfect gift to you and can help your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as physical. Bespoke treatments can help lift your spirits and pick you up when you’re feeling down, rejuvenating you and giving you the energy for a fresh start.

With our bespoke treatments service, we offer a consultation, where we can clearly define what it is you are aiming for, then from there we will carefully craft exactly what it is we think will benefit you best. Our expert therapists will help guide and advise you on the best services to create your own personalised treatment. This bespoke treatments service will also include a nutritional and fitness consultation in which we will advise on the best way to keep the stunning results looking their best.

Our bespoke treatments are for everyone, there’s no limits when it comes to the creativity of your own personalised 3D treatment. No matter what your age, gender or problem, at 3D Ultimate, we’re committed to creating perfect bespoke treatments to suit your needs. With 3D ultimate, bespoke treatments give you amazing results that last so it’s worth investing in. Do you want to look great, feel confident and find a solution for your problem areas? Book your consultation for the first step to finding your perfect you.

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