5 Point Bikini Lift

Getting you beach ready

Everyone wants to be bikini ready, especially in the summer months. Why limit yourself to having a beach body only in the summer months? With 3D Ultimate’s 5 point bikini lift you can achieve the perfectly toned summer body all year round. This treatment will help you tone five of your body’s most stubborn areas: the stomach, inner thighs, love handles, buttocks and lower buttock.

Just one course of the non-invasive 5 point bikini lift can help you achieve amazing results, with no recovery time required. You can get your body beach-ready and feel more confident in yourself, without having to undergo any pain or take any downtime out of your busy schedule. Our range of aftercare services will also help you keep your 5 point bikini lift results lasting for longer. Our in-house pilates instructor can help you keep fat cells at bay and teach you a range of exercises to make sure you keep those toned results. As well as this, our range of diet plans can help you keep those long-lasting results.

What does it do?

Using a Unique Combination of the latest non- surgical technologies cryolipolysis, body HIFU and shockwave, we can specifically sculpt and shape your most tricky stubborn areas for an overall solution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A course of eight 5 point bikini lift treatments are recommended in order to achieve the best results possible.

    Each 3D 5 point bikini lift treatment will take up to 60 minutes.

    This treatment will help give you the perfect toned look in the 5 targeted problem areas. You will see a visibly smooth, lifted and enhanced result following the treatment as well as a reduction in fat and cellulite in each targeted zone. You can expect to see visible results 3 – 4 weeks after the treatment.

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