3D Lipo In Nottingham

3D Ultimate And The 3D Lipo Technology

This clinic utilizes the latest cutting-edge 3D Ultimate technology to deliver the “body you deserve”, with non-invasive treatments and no downtime, this is truly a lunchtime treatment which delivers amazing results. 3D Ultimate uses a unique approach, tailoring treatments for each individual client and adding important lifestyle advice as well to ensure that the results make you feel as good as you look. At 3D Ultimate, we’re committed to guiding our clients throughout the 3D treatment process. From consultation to professional aftercare services, we’re there every step of the way.

Utilising the latest 3D lipo in Nottingham delivered by highly trained experts, you will be truly amazed at what we can do. Experience the luxury, sophistication, and unrivalled service that we deliver in our exclusive and discrete clinic.

Our Background

Our Nottingham based clinic is led by Tatiana, a former ballet dancer and a fully qualified Beautician and Aesthetic Practitioner. Tatiana realized that everyone wants to look their best and current techniques either don’t deliver the results promised or have a significant recovery period after. But with their in-depth knowledge, Tatiana and her team of experts are able to offer accurate advice and tuition in these areas to deliver a truly unique and all-round package. All treatments are available individually or as an all-inclusive package which can be tailored to the individual.

An innovative combination of science and nature to help you look and feel your best.

Premium Partners

3D Ultimate Nottingham is happy to announce we are Premium Partners with 3D Lipo. Working closely with 3D Lipo and becoming premium partners, allows us to offer you the best and latest technology and treatments. Like 3D Lipo we strive to enhance our services and our business to make sure our clients are getting the best treatments possible. With this new partnership, everyone will benefit from extra support and guidance through their treatments

Forming partnerships and pushing possibilities.

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