3D Cryofuse

3D Cyrofuse

3D cryofuse is an enhancing treatment, designed to aid in the breakdown and elimination of body fat and cellulite. Following any 3D cavitation fat removal or cellulite treatment we have developed a new five-minute cryofuse PPC Protocol that accelerates and acts as a catalyst to enhance the results that can be achieved from the professional treatment. We combine the PPC product and our unique no needle mesotherapy handpiece to deliver the active ingredients. This treatment causes no pain and requires no recovery time, fitting seamlessly into your life. Not only does this additional treatment aid in the breakdown of cellulite and fat cells, but it can also increase the skin’s smoothness, enhance skin tone and increase the elasticity of the skin. This non-invasive additional treatment id ideal for those looking for an ultimate 3D treatment service that will maximise and increase the longevity of results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A course of 6 - 8 3D cryofuse treatments is typically recommended for best results.

    When combined with professional treatment and following a healthy lifestyle results can be expected in 2 - 3 weeks.

    Cryofuse is commonly used in combination with other treatments as an add-on treatment to enhance results to support lipolysis, the breaking down of fat in the body, and decreasing the size of fat cells.

    The 3D cryofuse handpiece will be placed on the area of treatment, the handpiece itself is cold and you will feel a tingling sensation whilst the product is being infused. This no-needle product delivery system ensures no pain and no downtime. You may feel a mild heat sensation following treatments, this is the PPC serum working to assist in the breakdown of fat cells.

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