Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction in Nottingham

Fat reduction works using three main treatments; 3D cavitation, 3D cryo freeze and 3D HIFU. All of these treatments are specially crafted for the best results possible. Learn more about our range of fat reduction treatments below.

3D Cavitation

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3D Cyro Freeze

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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Body fat can be a struggle for many people, the last thing anyone wants is to feel self-conscious or unhappy with their body. You may feel like diet and exercise alone aren’t giving you the results you want. When you combine diet and exercise with our non -invasive fat reduction treatments, the results will help you look and feel more confident in yourself. It is extremely difficult to slim down or target individual body parts on your own. Your body can shed fat from just about anywhere when you are dieting and exercise, so it’s impossible to control where from. Fat reduction treatments from 3D Ultimate can help target those stubborn areas, giving you the body you’ve always wanted. With our fat reduction treatments, there’s no need to cover up and feel ashamed about any part of your body.

Using the latest technology in fat reduction to achieve extremely effective results, these fat reduction treatments help you shape your body in places exercise struggles to reach. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let these non-invasive fat reduction treatments work their magic. All of our fat reduction treatments require no recovery time, giving you the body of your dreams without the hassle or time consumption. Helping craft your perfect body and keep it that way! Our aftercare programmes will guide you through the process of keeping your treatment results lasting long term. From diet plans to sports massages and pilates classes, our in-house experts are here to help you every step of the way, allowing you to get rid of stubborn fat and keep it that way.

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